Decorative Window Film, 3M Fasara

Decorative window film comes in many varieties. Its most common function is to provide privacy while still allowing light to pass. Residential uses include frost or translucent films to obscure inward views. For example, a garage with valuable tools, a bathroom that fronts a street or alleyway, or help the appearance of a “dormer” window that just doesn’t look right with clear glass. We offer decorative films that have a beautiful rice paper look like a Shoji screen or “rain” pattern like a shower door. Please check with our supplier for creative ideas available patterns

Common uses of Decorative Film

Decorative window film can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Privacy, Both Full and Partial Blackout and Frosting
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Blocking Unsightly Views
  • Upgrading The Look Of Shop Fronts, Offices and Building Facades
  • Hide Interior Contents while allow light to pass.
  • Strengthen Glass to Safety Glass Standards
  • Hide Water Spots or other damage.
  • Meeting Architect’s Specifications
  • De-emphasize non-functional doors

Commercial Building uses

Decorative Window Film can be used on interior windows to enhance the privacy and appearance of office space, hide false walls or obscure unsightly storage areas from view.

Architects and designers often specify 3M Decorative Films such as Fasara and Milano for both practical and designer uses. Stores often have racks lining the inside perimeter which are unsightly when viewed from the exterior. A blackout film is a clean way to hide those areas. Another common use of decorative films is in the interior space where white frost films can provide privacy while still allowing light to pass.

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Another popular use is to visually de-emphasize doors that are not being utilized.

We always stock “White Frost” and “Blackout” decorative films to provide fast and economical solutions to these common problems in commercial buildings.

Medical Offices

Increase HIPPA compliance by insuring patient information cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons.

Removable Blackout Film

We are pleased to now offer Removable Blackout Film for construction sites and other temporary uses. This type of blackout film ensures that when it is time for the big reveal, the film will come off without leaving behind residue.

This film is ideal for construction sites in high traffic areas. This tough 2 mil thick film also protects the glass from drywall mud, concrete mortar, and paint overspray reducing the likelihood of glass damage while also keeping expensive tools and materials out of view.

Security Tinting

Garages often have valuable content like tools and sporting goods but because they are dusty most people don’t use curtains or blinds. Again, frost tint is the perfect solution that provides privacy while still allowing light to fill the area.

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