Automotive Window Tinting

Medical Need for Automotive Window TintingOver the years, we have handled many referrals from dermatologists and other medical professionals for patients adversely affected by UV rays. Window film is very effective at blocking UVA and UVB rays and has been lab tested as 99% effective in doing so. While California does not allow dark film on driver and front passenger windows, we can still assist you in choosing a safe and effective film to suit your specific needs. 

Mobile Service : Covert Window Tinting offers on-site installations for RV’s, Boats, Farm and Heavy Equipment.

Additional benefits: Automotive Window Tinting reduces glare from HID and LED lighting systems. Nearly every late model truck on the road today has blindingly bright lights that overwhelm a driver’s eyes when being following a truck so equipped. This is one of my favorite reason for using tint on my cars. Automotive tinting can also contain flying glass fragments in the event of an accident or glass breakage. Because automotive glass is tempered, it normally breaks into thousands of tiny pieces. Windows with film applied contain those pieces. In many cases the film will hold a broken window in place until you can have it fixed.

Guarantee: Covert Window Tinting currently installs CarbonFX series film by SolarFx which is backed by a manufacture’s lifetime warranty. This 4th generation film combines the latest advances in heat and ultra-violet rejection properties with state of the art manufacturing techniques providing the best clarity and color stablity. When you leave our shop you will have a manufacture backed warranty good at any SolarFX dealer nationwide. You can learn more about the films we use at SolarFX Window Films

Pricing: Automotive window tinting requires skill and technical expertise. Covert Window Tinting has been doing high quality automotive installations for over twenty years. We believe using high quality materials and installation techniques is just good business. Our prices reflect the quality and value we offer and we don’t quote a low price on the phone, only to attempt an upsell once you arrive. To insure quality installations we remove door panels and other interior parts as necessary to obtain the best possible result for our customers. Please call or use our contact page to get an estimate today. We can price most vehicles with just the year, make, and model information.