Commercial Window Tinting

Covert Window Tinting can handle any commercial tinting project. We are licensed and bonded for commercial window tinting work and serve Tehama, Glenn, and Butte counties. Our clients include U.S. Air Force, Home Depot, and law enforcement agencies. Most commercial buildings are fitted with clear single pane windows that have no heat rejection properties. Our commercial window films can exceed the performance of Low-E windows without the disruption and high cost.
Reducing harsh glare at point-of-sale and computer work stations is our number one request in the commercial sector and we provide a cost effective solution this common problem. Customers from Chico to Red Bluff all say the same: “If I’d known how well it worked, I would’ve done it sooner.”

Decorative and Privacy Films

The most popular offerings in this category are White Frost and Blackout films.
For the interior space, we offer frost films to allow light but give privacy to offices and doors. Whether a full application or a partial, frost film can give an upscale look to any office at a fraction of the cost of a sandblasted glass replacement windows. Blackout films are popular on storefronts that need to shield from view unsightly contents such as the shelving or stock not meant for display.

Solar Control Films

Solar Control Films for energy savings and occupant comfort. We offer top quality American made window films by SunTek for outstanding performance. Great for making workstations near south or west facing windows comfortable without over-working your air conditioning.

Anti-graffiti Films

We offer 4mil and 6mil anti-graffiti films to protect storefront windows from vandalism.
These film work well against all forms of damage including scratching and chemical agents used by vandals to etch the glass. Anti-graffiti films are clear and can absorb the worst attacks while leaving the glass untouched. We were skeptical until we conducted our own tests using a carbide tipped awl and rough pieces of concrete debris. When the film was removed the glass was undamaged.

Safety and Security Films

4mil safety films satisfy code requirements for safety glass when applied to plate (annealed) glass windows.
8mil films with attachment systems are considered Bomb-Blast Mitigation films and can also be used to deter smash and grab burglaries.

Commercial Building Window Film Benefits

Return On Investment: up to 70% (annual ROI) while often outperforming traditional energy saving techniques such as updating HVAC systems.
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Carbon Neutral
Commercial window film can provide fast return on investment through energy savings. Utility companies and the U.S. Department of Energy recognize and promote window film as an effective energy saving retro-fit. In fact studies have documented that window films become carbon negative in just two months. This compared to aluminum window retro-fits with a carbon footprint up to 267 times higher! This means with an average lifespan window film can provide 14 plus years of reduced carbon footprint and energy savings along with other benefits.

Results from rigorous tests conducted using the U.S. Department of Energy’s DOE-2 energy analysis program have documented speedy ROI. “…for medium sized commercial projects, the average return on investment (payback) from solar film application was an impressive 2.65 years.”
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Effectiveness: Window film has been proven to reduce a building’s energy costs by 10-15%. Large projects may qualify for a free energy savings calculation. Because commercial buildings HVAC power consumption is dominated by cooling, window film application is recommended.

Rebates: Pacific Gas and Electric and other utilities offer rebates to qualifying projects on single pane glass.

Increased Productivity: Study after study has documented that windows without drawn blinds measurably increase worker productivity.
“A thoughtfully designed space can increase productivity, foster a sense of community, and minimize environmental impact.”
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Having a better view out of a window, gauged primarily by the size of the view and secondarily by greater vegetation content, was most consistently associated with better worker performance in six out of eight outcomes considered.
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Occupant Comfort: Many poorly designed Air Conditioning Systems have a tendency to over-cool interior workspace in attempt to make workspace located near windows tolerable. Window Film excels at reducing heat and glare while preserving the view outward.

HIPPA Compliance: Doctor’s offices, Hospitals, and Pharmacies often request that we apply decorative window films to assure patient privacy. Frost films are translucent allowing light to pass while obscuring disrobed patients and assuring confidentiality of documents and
on-screen information.

Less Disruptive to Occupants Window film application is quiet and non-toxic. Installers use only soapy water to apply film. Typically installers move from window to window in under thirty minutes.